From traditional hand painted, wooden signs to contemporary designs manufactured from acrylic, aluminum or stainless steel, we can turn your ideas into creative signs that will keep customers coming back for years… listed below some examples of the work we can carry out for you…

Frame Based Signs:
Sign frames may seem an old-fashioned solution for shop fronts but they create a professional look with a limited budget – which explains their continued popularity.

Sign Frame is a picture frame shaped aluminium extrusion with 450 degree mitre joints at each corner. A common miss-conception is that a sign frame merely covers the main fixings used to attach the display panels to the building. As sign panels are often made from materials that will expand and contract as the temperature changes they need the space created by a Sign Frame to avoid buckling and warping. Sign Frames can also be used with lighting and 3D lettering.

Flexible Faced Signage:
Flexible Faced Signage is the easiest way to create large signage as it uses no heavy materials – in fact it uses a strong PVC material strechted over a frame. This gives you all the advantages of printing – colour, imagery, depth etc.. but for outdoor use.

Aluminium Composite Signs:
Aluminium composite signs give a modern feel to to signage. Aluminium Signs are lightweight, extremely strong and durable, do not expan and contract in variable temperatures and do not need heavy fixings. Also Aluminium signs can have cut outs that can be replaced with Perspex and illuminated. Aluminium signs can also be folded to hide any fixtures and frames that exist behind the sign.

Traditional Signwriting:
Traditional signwriting is fast becoming a rare skill among sign manufacturers but, despite the advance in technology, there is still no alternative for the quality workmanship of traditionally hand painted signwork.

Gold Leaf:
Gold leaf work is done by hand using 23¾carat. finest English gold leaf to ensure your sign looks stunning for years. Even in today’s settings gold leaf is favoured because it has an unequalled brilliance. Gold leaf will never tarnish or fade – nothing else looks like or lasts like it!

The unique quality of gold leaf enhances any business. It is extensively used in the licensed trade, by quality retailers, religious organisations, as well as in clubs and schools, particularly for honours boards.

Glass Gilding:
Known as the “Rolls Royce” of signage, gold leaf signs on glass have a brilliance like none other. Worked in reverse on the back of the glass, 23¾carat loose leaf is applied using age old techinques to create a mirror bright brilliance that is unsurpassed. This style is often used for office windows for solicitors and professional businesses although I’ve also carried this type of work for house numbers, pubs and bars and commemorative commissions.

Indoor & Outdoor Banners:
Get your message across with big, bold banners, banners provide a powerful way to draw attention to your product, event, business or organisation. Whether displayed indoors or out, hanging or in stands, there’s no better way to make an impact. Durable, flexible and portable, banners keep working for you, again and again.

Banners-Indoor, Attract new customers and grow sales with one of the most cost-effective advertising methods available. Banners are seen, read and acted upon over and over again each day. Whether you want to create product awareness, introduce special pricing, promote an event or draw visitors to your product, colorful indoor banners are a sure way to make an impact and generate excitement.

Banners-Outdoor, Draw attention and awareness to your business or organisation, or promote an event, product or service, with high-impact outdoor banners. Highly visible everywhere you go, banners are a versatile, durable and affordable way to get noticed, even from a distance.

Vehicle Graphics:
liveries, magnetic panels for vans, lorries & cars. We use quality vinyls warranted against shrinkage and fading.
We use the very latest, full colour technology to create graphics that suit your needs exactly – from simple, low-cost lettering to a complete artwork incorporating photographs and complex logos which can be applied to practically any vehicle.

Window Graphics:
Window graphics are a high impact and economical way to attracting passers by. Ideal for promotions and special offers as well as permanent retail displays. Our store window displays are available in different types to suite all your marketing requirements.

To comply with Health and Safety regulations, large areas of glass have to be marked in some description to prevent accidental collision – but they also offer the opportunity for elegant and high-impact corporate and promotional messages.

The way in which glass is marked can create not only visually stunning and eye-catching signage, it can also say much about your company and your business.

Using the latest advanced films, the illusion of etched or frosted glass can be created at a fraction of the cost.

A variety of colour and photographic signage can be used to promote specific products and services and manifestation markings can be utilised to communicate corporate branding.

At Steve Barlow Signs, we can help you to make the most of your glass-space, combining safety with powerfully effective advertisingdesigned and applied graphics not only raise the profile of your business, they are also one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Reflective vinyl images can bring a vehicle to life at dusk or through the night. This can be not only advantageous for promotional purposes but an important safety consideration. (The use of reflective images can reduce the incidence of night time collision by up to 40%).
On average, a busy vehicle can be seen by more than 3,000 people every hour*

We can apply advanced window films which are visible from the outside but transparent when looking from the inside out. Graphics can be easily removed at the end of a vehicle’s life or, through the use of magnetic vinyl, images that can be removed and reinstated on a daily basis for short-term promotions.

Pavement Signs:
Sandwich Boards, Slat Systems, A Boards and Forecourt Signs for streets, shopping centres and receptions. A2, A1, A0 and 1m pavement signs for all types of clients.